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Jen-Ken Pro-Fusion Lite 16 Kiln

Jen-Ken Pro-Fusion Lite 16 Kiln

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Versatile kiln, few problems, June 26, 2012 4 stars
This kiln has a lot of useable space but not much depth (3 inches). It fires and cools quickly without radiating as much heat. Because it does not have to heat up bricks as well as your project, the electrical cost is small. The quartz elements have a long life and don't need replacing like a brick kiln,nor will you eventually have to replace the lid. The controller is separate making it easier to fit in a small space, and easy to replace if ever needed. It is light weight compared to a brick kiln,so simple to get it home or move it. This kiln is more expensive to start with, but you don't have to replace elements, or lid. When you combine that with the low electric draw, it actually becomes cheaper than a comparably sized brick kiln over its life.
Two downsides. First the material it is made out of is EXTREMELY fragile. If you drop a mold on it it makes a dent. Be very careful not to scratch the interior. Even sliding a piece acrossed the floor of the kiln can damage it. You can get a tube of stuff to repair it, but it is not as flat and smooth a finish as it started with. Secondly, the controller is frustrating to figure out how to customize. There are several pre-set programs which work well, but I wanted to do castings which don't fit in to one of those pre-made programs. I think the benefits far outway the negatives and I am completely happy with this kiln.
Other Thoughts
This kiln comes in either a 15amp, household circuit or 20 amp which requires a heavier gauge wire and special plug in. The 20 gauge heats up faster, saving electricity and time, but it cost an additional $100 to have the electrician put in the special plug on an existing 20 amp line.
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