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Ephrem's Bottle Cutter

Ephrem's Bottle Cutter

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Easy to use, works great, January 24, 2012 5 stars
Easy to handle. Comes with everything needed to score, separate, and sand smooth.
Just a caution not really a con - plate that supports bottom of bottle must be tightened properly to prevent shifting.
Other Thoughts
I evaluated three bottle cutters based on online reviews before buying this one. I am happy with my choice. The cutter is easy to control. Other cutters appeared to be a balancing act but this one cradles your bottle. I can let go and nothing shifts. The third bottle scored and separated perfectly. Constant even pressure is important to keep the score line continuous with no missing spots. The candle and ice method works well to separate the glass. Don't put the bottle directly into the flame and be patient - slowly heat bottle. Watch the youtube tutorial, it was very helpful.
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