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Heart Trio Earring & Pendant Jewelry Mold

Heart Trio Earring & Pendant Jewelry Mold

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I like these, October 29, 2012 5 stars
I like using these for scrap. I get all kinds of different effects combining dichro scrap and frit. I get a lot of compliments on them.
As with any mold, you have really coat these well with primer. I often use a small badger spray gun to spray the primer solution or just use a Hake brush. The first time I use any mold, I put at least 4 to 5 coats (dry between each) then put in the kiln for 20-30 minutes to ensure it is completely dry before using. No sense taking chances. I also give at least one coat between firings even though it isn't always necessary. Even with all that primer, if the mold is full of glass (I sometimes fire multiple times adding glass each time to make a thick pendant) the nature of the glass will make the pendant seem to "stick" to the sides. A few very light taps will loosen the glass and it will pop right out.
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I don't use the small ones for earrings... I actually use them as small necklace pendants.
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