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CBS Dichroic Extract 7 Piece Solid Colors Sample Set

CBS Dichroic Extract 7 Piece Solid Colors Sample Set

Item# CBS6148
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Very Nice, April 19, 2015 5 stars
CBS Dichroic Extract makes wonderful solid colours when painted on enamel.
Once you buy one set, you'll want them all.
Other Thoughts
A little goes a long way to adding sparkle to your pieces.
Dicro Slide Clear Red 4 x 4

Dicro Slide Clear Red 4" x 4"

Item# 82737
Add Sparkle to your work, August 10, 2012 5 stars
Dicro Slide film is excellent because it can be used with any COE glass or enamel.
Older Dicro Slide sheets seem to get a little powdery. I haven't found this to be much of a problem, however.
Other Thoughts
Some Dicro Slide sheets shift colours radically in the kiln. I recommend doing a small test before committing to a colour.
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