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Glastar Foiling Machine

Glastar Foiling Machine

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Great Value, June 26, 2012 5 stars
Dispenses and centers the foil cutting your time dramatically. Separates the foil from the backing and keeps the backing out of your way.
If you use Studio Pro foil, it comes with a plastic insert that the foil is wrapped around which makes it somewhat difficult to mount the roll of foil on the machine. You can do it but have a couple screw drivers handy to help spread the spool over the ridge on the machine to mount the foil.
Other Thoughts
As I am just a beginner, foiling a project was a drudgery for me. I would spend several hours to get a project wrapped in foil. It took me about an hour to get the hang of using this machine but once I did, foiling became easy and far less time consuming. I've mounted the machine on a board to keep it portable and love the results I've gotten. If you are an expert stained glass person, you may not have any use for this machine. But for me, it was a God send!
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