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Ultimate Cutter's Mate Starter Kit

Ultimate Cutter's Mate Starter Kit

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Life Saver!, July 29, 2013 5 stars
I can't say enough about this cutter! I thought my "glass" days were numbered as the use of my hands got worse and worse. This has saved my life glass-wise! It is simple to use, almost effortless and actually more accurate than I was before. I hesitated for a long time before getting it but had reached the point I couldn't cut glass without it. Wish I had taken this step so much sooner than I did! I actually have bought two of them -- one for Michigan and one for winters in Florida. Thanks so much for carrying such a wonderful quality item!
The only con that I have is that I have to be sure to clean the oil off of the glass really well before I fuse it in the kiln.
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