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Blue and Green Grapes Bevel Cluster

Blue and Green Grapes Bevel Cluster

Item# GST104C
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Fading Glory, November 4, 2014 3 stars
The bevel quality of the grapes (of which there are 10) and grape leaves (there are six) are indeed alive with movement. They truly do glisten in the light; even at a somewhat profile view, they can make a glass panel quite the show piece.
Select carefully. The blue grapes and green leaves are at BEST, tinted! The color component leaves much to be desired. In fact, in direct or strong sunlight, all color completely washes out, with no discernable color quality whatsoever. So don't order, thinking you're going to have this showcase of rich, jeweltone glass grapes and leaves. The bevel quality is there, absolutely, but I was very disappointed at the near lack of color. When building upon the enclosed pattern, it may appear that the blues and greens appear strong, but just wait until you've completed the panel and hold it up to the light. You'll be wondering where the color went . . . !!
Other Thoughts
Despite the very weak tint to the grapes and leaves, the grape and leaf cluster still do add a nice quality to any panel. And certainly anyone that were to receive it as a gift will be truly entranced with it, as non-glass workers find the whole end result magical, and won't have any preconceived notions of what was expected beforehand. And, too, the best part is you get a terrific pattern, and you can always make another panel with your own choice of glass; try using just clear bevels as a surrounding outside boarder--they do frame and dress the panel up nicely!
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