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JanneRochlin comment on Colour de Verre - Fill Weights
June 19, 2014

I bought both the large and the small poppy molds. The fill weights are 19 ounces for the large and 10 ounces for the small. The small one came out just fine. But I have made two large ones with 19 ounces each and each came out with holes in them. The first with a large hole which I filled with frit, covered with a dragonfly casting and soft fused. It looks alright but I have lost some of the sharp detail. The second had a smaller hole which I covered with some small leaf casting and I am tack fusing. It will be ready tonight. Since I am following weights and the fusing schedules that came with the molds, why is this happening? What can I do to correct it?

1/4 Diamond Tech Core Drill Bit

1/4" Diamond Tech Core Drill Bit

Item# 7362
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Core Drill Bit, May 26, 2014 5 stars
This is fast and clean. Works great in a drill press. Saves so much time and is cleaner and more accurate than trying to drill holes with a grinder bit. How did I do without it till now?!
Easy-Cut Lens Cutter

Easy-Cut Lens Cutter

Item# 7991
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Not so sure about it, January 27, 2014 2 stars
It sounded great and it's heavy duty. When it works, it works well.
I can't figure out how to keep the blade from moving no matter how I tighten the screw. Maybe I'll get one circle out of it and then it moves.
Other Thoughts
It cam with very limited directions. If I can't get it to work properly, I'll have to return it.
Glastar All Star G8 Grinder

Glastar All Star G8 Grinder

Item# 5185
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Great Grinder, January 27, 2014 5 stars
The best I've used. I finally broke down and spent the money on a decent grinder and it really paid off.
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