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Ephrem's Bottle Cutter

Ephrem's Bottle Cutter

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great tool, August 30, 2013 5 stars
it scores any average bottle just fine. It keeps things nice and straight and serves its purpose for the price.
unscrewing the nut and bolt every time you want to adjust the length is kind of a pain.
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When it comes to getting a clean cut out of the bottle the instructions show you to use an ice cube! That in my opinion is why people are having trouble getting clean cuts with this thing. Candle, wet paper towel, candle, wet paper towel, slow and steady easy does it. Make sure you have a still flame and listen for crackles in the glass. About 3 is good under the candle for the first rotation and then move to the wet paper towel. Dry it off, cool it down then move it to the candle. Most likely you will get a clean break from the flame. if not move it to the towel again. when using the paper towel just wrap the wet part over your finger and drag it around the crack. Keep repeating and don't let the flame touch the glass.
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