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Pre-Cut Hummingbird Bevel Panel Kit

Pre-Cut Hummingbird Bevel Panel Kit

Item# 89623
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A bargain . . . but, July 13, 2009 4 stars
When I bought the panel when it first came out it was a very good bargain. It continues to be so with the amount of glass you get and the ease of working with the glass project.
First panel I got missed piece number 2 and had two pieces of number 34. Baroque glass used for background had some chipping to it and rough edges needing finish grinding.
Other Thoughts
Delphi replaced my first panel with a new panel to help me finish the project. Super customer service. Second panel had damaged baroque glass and I had to purchase replacement glass to reuse the second panel. Project is worth the money if you have access to a stained glass supplier that can replace the glass you are missing or chipped. But in my case too, I was missing wiring from the first kit but found in the second kit. Even the second kit had black marker pen on the glass that should have been cleaned off . . . not sure why it was used, but it was just an irritation. Curly cue hangers worked well . . . loved by all that saw them. Would consider rebuying the panel, but aware of the potential problems.
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