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I began my glass work by making 100 cabochons for jewelry; graduated to plates and bowls; and now I am working on wall hangings and art pieces that range from 16 - 36 inches and I’ve completed over 100 of these. I have sold well and/or won awards in every show I have entered and have worked on many commissions. I have taken over 100 art classes in glass and other media, because I think no matter what you choose as you medium the learning will teach you things that can inspire you in your other pursuits. I have taken warm glass classes and learned from Kelly Thames, Jenifer Frangi, and Carol Webb. I recently studied with Jude Schlotzhauer, who has been a studio artist and teacher for kiln-formed glass for more than 30 years, at Penland, Arrowmont and educational institutions including, Instituto Allende Mexico and University of Siens Malaysia. BACKSTORY: In college I majored in art. In 1988, I was given a battery of tests as a part of extensive career counseling and my creative aptitude measured higher than the scales, so my “creativity quotient” was deemed to be “off the charts.” I have used this creativity in diverse ways. I have created and sold over 200 pieces of pottery; written hundreds of pieces of poetry, many published; created murals and paintings for sale; and worked as a professional photographer with color & black and white photographs in annual reports of 5 national and over 30 local corporations. I was a photographer for: Louisville Magazine, Tulane University Medical Center, Louisville Chamber of Commerce, University of Louisville Health Sciences Center, Kentucky Dance Council, Inc., Pan American Life Insurance Company and New Orleans Yacht Club; and was a stringer for USA Today. My work as been shown locally and nationally (New York, Denver, Washington D.C.); and I have won artistic awards regionally, nationally and internationally.
Allen Fused Glass Fine Art
Allen Fused Glass Fine Art
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