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My wife had a dream to make fused glass items for home decoration. Once I decided to fulfill her dream and bought a kiln for glass fusing. It was at the beginning... Then we decided to open a business and named it Games of Colors. Please don't think we'd used an analogy with the Games of Thrones or any other popular "games". Our name has a different origin. When you look at glass objects under the Sun, they are shining and reflecting Sun light in different directions. That is like the Sun is playing with you in a special game. We name it Game of Colors... Now we produce various products for ourselves, for our friends and for you. We love every item crafted in our workshop and hope you love them as well. You may find other our works in the our Gallery:
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Skutt GM1018 Production Kiln

Skutt GM1018 Production Kiln

Item# GM1018
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Perfect tool, May 12, 2014 5 stars
Block design - it's easy do disassemble this kiln if you need to move it to a new position Extendibility - additional sections could be added if need to fuse tall items
No convenient viewing window
Games Of Colors
Games Of Colors
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