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Precision 2000 Deluxe Bandsaw

Precision 2000 Deluxe Bandsaw

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2000 Deluxe Bandsaw, March 10, 2014 5 stars
I bought this over a year ago, within the first month had a wheel alignment problem blade broke and a couple of other small problems, they sent me all new part within a couple of days, still could not figure out how alignment worked, they sent me a shipping lable to send saw back, they adjusted everything on saw even things I did not mention, gave me a new blade to replace old one and new blade wheels, machine has been working great, never paid shipping or any cost to have fixed, customer service was the best I have ever experienced with any product I have ever bought. Saw is still under warranty for another 2 yrs. and I have been told if I have any future problems the will fix it. Got my saw back in 2 days. Best money I have ever spent, own the ring saw and it has been a mess, blade bends won't cut straight lines, if cutting something thin it breaks, stuck with it company did not back up its product, Diamond Tech backs this saw and has done everything far and above to make me happy.
Really wish they would make an Omni directional blade to go with this, only problem with saw is you can't move but one direction.
Other Thoughts
Make an Omni directional blade, even if I had to buy a additional wheel kit to fit Omni blades would be delighted to do so, then it would be the best machine on the market. I did not buy the ring saw through Delphi wish I had maybe I would not have gotten stuck with it.
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