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My name is Andy Gordon. I live and work in Tucson, AZ. I have been creating and building stained glass windows for more than 40 years. I began the learning the craft by watching Artists in a Scottsdale studio in 1968 before there were any retail studio classes. Twice a year I would travel to NYC to the Bendheim Glass CO. I would purchase full crates of European hand blown glass sheets and transport them back to Tempe, AZ where I was attending college at ASU. I would build a small window or simple lamp shade and sell it for the cost of the materials plus the cost of a new glass tool (which there were very few). Once my children were born, and again my grand children were born) I began creating windows based upon Disney cartoon characters and/or super heroes. Due to copyright and trademark laws I could never sell them. To this day they are hanging in my family's homes across the country. When they have outgrown them, they will all be donated to Children's Hospitals in their areas. My focus now is Animals and sea creatures. I am embarking on my largest window project ever. A lion fish that will contain 2500+ pieces. It will measure 5' x 6' when completed. I ran out of available window space in my home so two years ago I designed, and created "Light boxes" using LED lights, diffusers, and oak frames boxes to illuminate my work and allow me to display my work without windows. They cost a "bit"to make, but it adds a whole new dimension to Stained Glass lighting.
Cartoon Glass & Weaving Studio
Cartoon Glass & Weaving Studio
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