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I became interested in fused glass about 1 year ago. I took some instruction to learn the basics. I used to do stained glass several years ago. I have had such fun learning about fused glass and all of the different techniques that can be done with fusing! The possibilities seem endless! I want to try all of them at once but have had to make myself work with just a few ideas. I hope to learn more to perfect my skills to make my work better with each project. Learning is such fun! I have sold several of my pieces and some have been made as gifts. I plan to sell more in the future.
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chrish31 comment on How to Use the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln
June 13, 2014

Thanks for the info on the microwave kiln. I have used it with the glass turntable in & also set the kiln on posts. I was afraid that if I set the kiln directly on the turntable that it might crack it if it got too hot. Seems to work quite well! Having a lot of fun with it!

chrish31 comment on How to Use the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln
June 1, 2014

None of the instructions for the microwave kilns say if you use the moveable turntable or take it out. I have kiln posts that I can put the kiln on but do I use the turntable or not? One picture that I saw shows the kiln placed in the microwave on the glass shelf with posts under it but I don't know if the turntable is allowed to turn or should it remain stationary? I can remove the glass shelf and put the posts directly on the bottom of the microwave but I didn't know if that's the best way to use it.

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