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Nano Beads Mold

Nano Beads Mold

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Read the directions first!, May 19, 2015 4 stars
Beads are nice size (very small) for what I wanted them for, which was stringing with larger focal beads.
I did not follow directions closely and suffered the consequences. I didn't measure the frit or use only fine- and medium-sized frit, and the results were wonky-shaped beads. Also did not use either of the two recommended release products, but instead used the kiln wash product my glass teacher uses for all her molds. First time I used the mold, a few beads stuck but were popped out with a sharp tool. Teacher said I did not need to retreat with mold release before reusing molds, and on the second use, half of my tiny beads stuck firmly in mold. Managed to pop one out with a sharp tool and the post popped off too.
Other Thoughts
Delphi has free downloadable tip sheets available in their catalog, mixed in among the molds themselves. I highly recommend them--I could have avoided my grief. I have now ordered a can of MR-97 for my other molds and I'm debating investing replace this nano beads mold.
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