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An only child, I grew up in rural Michigan, losing myself in acres of forest and in books. I was introverted and extremely shy, fascinated and awestruck by the natural world, and among my favorite ways to amuse myself was drawing and reading. I fled Michigan after graduating high school, taking my babysitting and fast food earnings and moving to Olympia, where I was delighted to find a new world of cultural misfits, and where my eccentricities were considered completely normal. More importantly, I found mild winters, dramatic mountains, mossy trees, and that spooky mist that hangs down from the sky making trees into grey silhouettes in the morning. While attending The Evergreen State College, I gravitated toward cultural anthropology, political science and women’s studies, using art to express and explore these concepts. My classes ranged from Native American Studies to Islamic Art and Culture. My projects involved research into the origins and evolution of religion, especially with regard to attitudes about gender and nature. After graduating from college, I continued to make art as a hobby while working at various jobs. I even sold my work at shops and galleries, though I never felt compelled to stick with a medium long enough to master it. I worked in oil pastel, collage, linocut, bookbinding, jewelry making, and ceramics. I worked a variety of different jobs in my 20’s. When I was 30, my landlord repaired the floor in my bathroom, then gave me a box of scrap tile and suggested I do something creative to cover it. That was in 2000, and I was hooked. I have been able to build my mosaic business while being available for my daughter these past 18 years. We have a small farm in rural Washington State, nestled in the Black Hills where I work in my studio and we grow most of our food. We have goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys, dogs, cats, ferrets and axolotls. I continue to learn and grow with mosaic, creating fine art panels and installations for homes, businesses and public places. My love and appreciation of mosaic as an art form continues to grow, as it is so versatile. It can be made of nearly anything, can be a small pendant or can cover a building, can be fine art and functional art, is touchable, durable, and glass has a luminosity that makes it seem alive.
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