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I live in Bancroft, Ontario, Canada. I'm 67 years old and began cutting glass 26 years ago. I love my glass and before I finished one piece was designing the next! I've even fallen asleep at my grinder!! I opened Stained Glass Byou studio in 2006 and operated it until my husband passed away in 2009 due to an accident on a four wheeler. Prior to his death he dragged huge rocks home and suggested that I create glass mosaics on rocks which turned into a viable art form and they now decorate many yards and gardens. Although I was diagnosed with ALS in Jan 2020 and in Feb 2020 had a heart attack I'm still designing and cutting glass and will for as long as I'm able ??
Muriel Unger Whyte Fox
Muriel Unger Whyte Fox
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joined:Mar 26, 2015
location:Yuma, AZ US
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