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Zephyr + Diamond Ring Saw

Zephyr + Diamond Ring Saw

Item# 84130
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Is just "okay", October 17, 2013 2 stars
Quieter than Taurus II - that's the only pro.
1. Work surface is tricky to attach. 2. Clear plastic eye guard broke very shortly after I bought it. This part must be removed to open the saw (poor design.) Now I go without it. 3. Doesn't feel as solid as Taurus II (this is the only other saw I can compare it to since I've owned and used both.) Blade feels feeble when cutting. That's the best I can describe it. Blade & belt slippage, even after constantly tightening and replacing blade. 4. You have to remove the work surface to see the water level - this is a pain!
Other Thoughts
I used the Taurus II for many years (at least 10 years and used it heavily)and then bought this saw, which I've used for a year, so I can only compare this saw to the Taurus II. It's quieter than the Taurus II and that's about the only thing good about it. In general I don't like this saw. It seems flimsy and the blade & belt tend to slip (a real pain to have to constantly open and fix.) Eye shield broke shortly after I purchased it. I am now looking into buying another Taurus saw, probably the Taurus III.
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