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I've been creating stained glass "window jewelry" (panels and suncatchers) for 9 years. I became interested in stained glass 25+ years ago, while living in San Antonio. A restaurant called the Crystal Baking Company was one of our favorite places to eat, and it had some of the most gorgeous stained glass and beveled glass panels I had ever seen. I honestly don't remember anything on the menu, but the restaurant sparkled. I finally made the time to take lessons about 9 years ago, and I've been hooked (obsessed) ever since.
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nanantz comment on Mom's Yellow Rose
February 3, 2020

Nice! I believe the inspiration came from a panel I made several years ago, only it was a pink rose. I used to sell glass panels and suncatchers on Etsy as Nanantz.

nanantz comment on Agate Art
June 28, 2018

I see you borrowed my original design. I'm flattered.

nanantz comment on Round Magnolia Panel
March 26, 2014

Thanks so much!

Novacan Old Masters Flux - 8 Oz

Novacan Old Masters Flux - 8 Oz

Item# 5510
5 of 8 found the following review helpful:
Old Masters Flux, March 8, 2012 5 stars
I love this flux! I just pour what I need in a little jar. After soldering my project, if there's any left over I just cover the jar with a lid to save what's left over. This way there's no contamination of the rest of the flux. I think that's the biggest advantage of liquid flux over paste flux. I use the cheap disposable brushes to apply it, and I've had no problems.
"Mold" does seem to develop on the solder after a while, but this problem is easily remedied by polishing the project with carnauba wax.
4 Point Celtic Knot Bevel Cluster

4 Point Celtic Knot Bevel Cluster

Item# 443826
4 of 5 found the following review helpful:
Beautiful!, April 20, 2011 5 stars
Makes an exquisite panel. As with all bevel clusters, the "pattern" they give you is more of a guideline. One should follow Delphi's suggestion: "Always lay out bevel clusters on pattern before cutting glass to adjust for small differences." I love all the bevel clusters I've purchased - never had problems with any of them.
Other Thoughts
During the annual bevel sale, this is an Outstanding buy.
Inland Portable Fume Trap

Inland Portable Fume Trap

Item# 60010
not worth it, November 27, 2009 1 stars
Might be good for soldering very small projects.
This fume trap has to be practically on top of your soldering in order to work. If you're soldering a panel, it's worthless. The fan doesn't have nearly enough power to divert the fumes into the trap.
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