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Complete Beetle Bits Starter Kit

Complete Beetle Bits Starter Kit

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confusing, December 27, 2010 3 stars
not sure yet
instructions are clear as mud
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I just received the beetle bits system for Christmas, the instructions make NO sense, NONE, could they be any more vague? I kind of got it set up, gave up reading the instructions and just looked at the picture. Then went to put the cutting tool on, and it said I have to adjust the screw that controls the height of the cutting wheel, it fails to tell you what height to put it at, or what I can use to reference the correct height, so I am now afraid to even use it for fear of damaging the cutting head, and or the ruler. Also, am I suppose to pull the cutter towards me, or away from me, does it matter? Is there any way to break the glass using something with this system or am I suppose to use my running pliers? also, does anyone know of a video that would make any of this clearer? Anyway, any help I can get would be great. Thanks
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