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11 Wave Form Slumping Mold

11" Wave Form Slumping Mold

Item# 40992
Interesting, May 11, 2014 3 stars
Easy to use. No special cutting required.
makes an OK bowl-nothing special because the swirls aren't very deep.
Cone Tip Point For Engraver

Cone Tip Point For Engraver

Item# 50111
Adequate, August 11, 2012 3 stars
Does fit the engraver, will allow for a signature.
Too thin, have to press too long to really make an impression.
8-1/2 Nouveau Lamp Base

8-1/2" Nouveau Lamp Base

Item# 7813
1 of 1 found the following review helpful:
Nice and Heavy, August 11, 2012 4 stars
For a small base, it holds the glass shade very well because of the weight and good balance.
none except for the expense.
Aanraku Frit Piston

Aanraku Frit Piston

Item# 63998
6 of 8 found the following review helpful:
Takes forever and loads of persistence, March 4, 2010 1 stars
It's simple.
Only really smashes part of the glass, gets iron bits in it, have to smack it over and over until your arm hurts. Have to sort it and put the large pieces back because it only smashes the top layer. It isn't a machine at all. You could use a hammer and a heavy cloth bag and do better than this.
14 Round Black Metal Art Stand

14" Round Black Metal Art Stand

Item# 4256614
Good item, July 8, 2009 4 stars
Have used these for years-strong, good-looking, stable, reasonable price
cannot adjust at all.
Other Thoughts
wish they were adjustable in some way
8 1/4 X 5 3/4 Drop Ring Display Stand

8 1/4" X 5 3/4" Drop Ring Display Stand

Item# 1151
Too small, July 8, 2009 2 stars
Made well, reasonable price
Too small for my pieces
7 Stand Up Mold

7" Stand Up Mold

Item# 80684
Good mold, terrible instructions, December 23, 2008 3 stars
Interesting and unusual projects can be made with the mold.
The paper pattern is not clear, not really accurate, and not very useful. You need to figure out for yourself exactly where to put the feet so that they slump correctly.Use the pattern only as a guideline.
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