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Papyros Shelf Paper Craft Roll - 20-1/2 X 82 Feet

Papyros Shelf Paper Craft Roll - 20-1/2" X 82 Feet

Item# 54722
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Perfect, September 2, 2014 5 stars
Love having access to this product in this volume. This stuff really works. cleanup is so much easier.
Still not as perfect for getting extra fires out of it, but it can be done.
Other Thoughts
Wish the large carton came with a blade attached to the box like waxed paper does! Cutting is a pain. Or 16" rounds!
Uroboros Fire Ups Glass Pack - 90 COE

Uroboros Fire Ups Glass Pack - 90 COE

Awesome, November 10, 2011 5 stars
Well packed, nothing broken, lots of variety, big pieces, a ton of premium glass like irids, reds, textures. And the price cannot be beat.
None, I will buy this again and again.
Other Thoughts
A great way to build up glass stock for the beginner and pro alike.
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