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Hot Head Bead Making Kit

Hot Head Bead Making Kit

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Don't Be Intimidated By Flameworking With This Gr, May 27, 2009 4 stars
My mom bought me the Hot Head Bead Making Kit for Christmas the year I had my son. I was impressed that the kit had everything included except the MAPP gas. I felt confident that I could, for a fairly low investment from my mom, create unique glass beads literally right out of the box!
I was slightly intimidated to set up my glass-bead making space. I was overly worried with safety; however the folks at Delphi were exceedingly helpful. One con of the Hot Head Kit is that it doesn't come with a lot of instruction.
Other Thoughts
If you are at all nervous about using the torch for the first time, purchase a good instructional video (or a book for beginner flameworking) from Delphi to help you get started. I tried getting a book or video from the library, but there wasn't much available that suited my needs as a beginner. I would also urge buyers of the Hot Head Bead Making Kit to take a class if possible. Delphi's Lansing in-house instructors are technically knowledgeable and very impressive as instructors! One class had me taking my new bead making craft much further than I anticipated going.
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