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Spectrum Light Amber Opal

Spectrum Light Amber Opal

Item# S31805
Perfect for lampshades, May 18, 2011 5 stars
Having constructed several glass lampshades, I can say the one using this glass is the most beautiful ever. Color and texture are perfect for lampshades.
Glass Boxes Finishing Kit

Glass Boxes Finishing Kit

Item# 49210
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Glass Boxes Finishing Kit, March 19, 2009 5 stars
Brass tubing is the best hinge material I've found. It's sturdy and easy to solder unto copper foil and makes a beautifully finished look.
Just remember to put wooden toothpicks in the ends of the tubing before soldering to keep the holes open.
Other Thoughts
Small needle nose pliers work best for bending the insertion rods, as they make nice crisp right angles.
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