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Hello. I'm an artist in kiln formed glass since 2014. . May you feel, sense what you see? You can. You can with the help of the eyes, heart. But we also feel that we see through our skin. Remember goosebumps when you touch something with your hands. Touch. Everyone has an opportunity to feel and see beauty and a play of color of glass, its relief, gloss, transparency. You just need to take it in hand. Can you run a hand over the picture painted by paints? It will quickly grow dull and will deteriorate. Take in hand my products from glass and you will be able to see in its depth what won't be seen by others. You will not be indifferent to the original performance and the amazing shapes that I attach to my products. All products are author's .
Sergvolichark glass
Sergvolichark glass
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joined:Jan 29, 2017
location:sevastopol, krasnodar RU
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