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6 Layout Block System

6" Layout Block System

Item# 7156
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A must have product, July 20, 2017 5 stars
Easy to use. Great to add to my "old" boards to provide full surround for projects.
Air Force Bevel Cluster

Air Force Bevel Cluster

Item# 443283
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Bevels not "perfect", July 20, 2017 4 stars
End product beautiful, but not as perfect as desired.
Unable to use lead came on bevels as it would distort the shape. Project required lead came for stability as panel is fitted into a frame. One of the star points had a reverse angle on one end, therefore, did not butt up against the adjoining piece, leaving a gap.
Other Thoughts
Required mixed copper foil technique for bevels, and lead came for remainder of project. In spite of experience, it was difficult to create a closely fitting project, leaving some seams wider than others. Yet, the finished product is overall pleasing.
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