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My name is Debra French, and I am a self taught stained glass artist. I discovered a passion for stained glass as a young woman. Growing up in the southeast, there is no lack of beautiful churches and homes where one can find awe inspiring works. Once the children were grown it was time to act. I began reading, doing research, educating myself in the art. While some pieces are whimsical and cute, others can be challenging. It is those, the ones that present the challenge, that bring out the true art! I create using the Tiffany copper foil method, and after having created a multitude of pieces for family and friends and donating pieces to auctions in my community to bring attention to childhood cancer (#gogoldinseptember), I decided to sell my artwork to the public. My work was featured in the Spring 2019 issue of Natchez The Magazine, and in April of 2019, I was invited to be a featured artist at Lone Star Workshop in Lockhart, Texas. I’m am fortunate to have my work displayed in shops and local restaurants in Natchez, Mississippi as well. I also enjoy participating in the annual art festival, Arts on the Bluff, created by the Natchez art association. My husband creates the wood framework for any pieces that require it, and I am fortunate to have his help. His ability to create a custom frame is a true art in itself. His support of my work is invaluable. We are fortunate, we have one another...and the art.
Stained Glass by Debra French
Stained Glass by Debra French
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