Pattern Bars Firing Schedule

Pattern Bars Firing Schedule

Segments Rate Temperature Hold
Segment 1 400° F/ hr 1000° F 10 minutes
Segment 2* 400° F/ hr 1250° F 30 minutes
Segment 3 400° F/ hr 1600° F 30 minutes
Segment 4 As fast as possible 950° F 2 hours**

*Optional segment for eliminating air bubbles if using small pieces, scrap or frit.
** Annealing time will vary depending on the thickness of the full fused bar.
Note: Firing times and temperatures may vary, each kiln is unique.

Kayleigh Clark

Friday, December 20, 2019
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@This can be adapted for both. The only thing that would change is the annealing temperatures. We use 900 F for 90 COE and 950 F for 96 COE glass.