Glass Cutters: Self-lubricating Glass Cutters

Do you have self-lubricating glass cutters available in your catalog? I have searched the Buffalo area for this tool and cannot locate one. Can you help?

We do carry glass cutters that have handles that can be filled with oil. These cutters have a wick in the opening between the handle and the cutting head which draws the oil and lubricates the wheel. There is a drawback to filling the handles with oil, though. It's a messy process and the handles have a tendency to leak. I personally recommend that you keep a small jar (like a baby food jar) with a cotton ball or folded pieces of paper towel in the bottom that is saturated with cutting oil. The cutting wheel can be run over this when you feel it needs to be lubricated. Also, store your cutter in this jar when it's not in use to keep the wheel from rusting. When you are selecting a cutter, I'd suggest concentrating on two points. 1. Cutters with carbide cutting wheels are high performers and even though they are more expensive than the disposables, they last a long time when used correctly. A disposable cutter usually only lasts through 1 project - usually a small one. 2. Select a cutter that feels comfortable to you.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013
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@Karen D. Inland makes a good cutting oil (item# 7240). Although if you have a cutter that has a carbide blade you do not have to use cutting oil. Some people just prefer to use it. Our video explains the use of cutting oil-

Karen D.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012
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What is the best kind of oil to use for these kinds of cutters?