Leaf Pendant Project

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  • PMC+ Clay #67002
  • Shader Brush #17101
  • 5 Piece Metal Clay File Set #69721
  • Micro Torch #6722050 and Fire Brick #64401 or Kiln #67402P
  • Wire Brush #10301 and Polishing Block #67007
  • Optional: Syringe #67017, Craft Knife#5536

  • Directions:
    1. Select an attractive leaf. Some characteristics to look for are:
    • Shape: the overall shape should be interesting but not overly large. Long narrow leaves often curl up and you may want to avoid them. Beware of sharp points that may snag clothing when the pendant is completed.
    • Texture: the leaf should have pronounced veins (you need to be able to feel them to ensure a nice imprint). Ruffled edges and "bug holes" can also be attractive elements to add interest to the leaf.
    • Plant type: Firm leaves are desirable, as they will not become limp under the weight of the clay. Avoid succulents, which are thick, moisture filled plants with waxy skins may split during firing. You may also want to avoid "hairy" plants because they are often difficult to apply an even layer of paste to. Lastly, avoid any leaves that you suspect may cause an allergic reaction such as poison ivy.
    Mix a small amount of paste with a few drops of extra water.
    Apply a layer of paste to the backside of the leaf with the brush.
    3. Allow paste to dry (we do not recommend heat drying as it may cause the leaf to wither). Apply additional layers of paste. Continue doing so until you have applied a minimum of 10 layers of paste. The leaf should have some additional weight built up. If the leaf doesn't feel heavier or look built up add several more layers.
    4. You may opt to add a hanging loop by rolling a small amount of PMC+ clay into a coil, shaping it as a loop and attaching it with paste. Other options include carefully making a hole in the leaf using a craft knife, using PMC+ syringe to make a loop, or adding a loop to the leaf after the initial firing.
    5. Allow the project to dry thoroughly, file any rough edges gently, and fire. Place the dry pendant on your fire brick and heat evenly. The leaf will burn away. Continue to heat the pendant until it reaches a faint orange color and hold at this temperature for about 3 minutes.
    6. Brush off the white residue from firing using the wire bristle brush. Continue polishing as desired.
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