Firing Instructions

Firing Schedule
The pieces should be completely dried. This can be air dried or dried with a heat source such as a hair dryer, heating ray, electric griddle or oven. To verify that a piece is completely dry, place it on a shiny metal surface such as a piece of aluminum foil or the inside of the lid form a candy tin. Leave the piece on the metal for several seconds and then remove it. Look on the metal for a "ghost", a water vapor mark that is present if the piece is not completely dry.
A second method is to hold the piece against your cheek. The skin on your face is sensitive to temperature. If the piece is not completely dry, it will feel cool against your cheek. When the piece is completely dry, fire it according to the applicable table.

I. Torch
  • As your piece is being torched, the organic binders will burn off causing a small flame. This is normal.
  • After the flame disappears, your piece will begin to glow orange (including any wire or cubic zirconium that you have added. This will not change the final color of the wire or CZ). To help see the piece you may want to work in a shadowed area.
  • For proper strength, make sure pieces are fired thoroughly. Your piece will look silver on the outside, but may still be in clay form in the core. Your project will break if this occurs.
  • Eye protection is an option and recommended if firing multiple pieces at a time or if you are staring at the piece for the entire firing time.
  • Firing time will vary for individual pieces.
  • After your piece is glowing, start your timer. Fire pieces 2-5 minutes depending on size and thickness.
  • Important: under-firing a piece will result in a weaker finished project. Pieces can not be over-fired, but intense heat can cause scorching and melting. Vary the distance of the torch flame to your piece to prevent this.

    II. Kiln Firing
    Hold Time Temperature Degrees F
    10 minutes 1650
    20 minutes 1560
    30 minutes 1470

    Art Clay Silver
    Hold Time Temperature Degrees F
    10 minutes 1598
    20 minutes 1562
    30 minutes 1472

    III. General Firing Instructions
  • Important: If using CZ's or glass cabochons use the lowest firing temperature to prevent clear and light colored glass from ambering. Firing glass pieces at the highest temperature will cause a reaction with the clay. Glass may color shift, pull away from silver, or change shape.
  • Once you have finished firing your piece, the whitish crystalline structure can be brushed off with your stainless steel brush, sandpaper, or burnisher depending on your desired finish.
  • Discoloration may eventually occur on your project and can be prevented/corrected by using a silver polish.

    IV. Keep On Keepin' On
    One of the wonderful aspects of PMC+ is the low level of waste. If it becomes dry it can be reconstituted by the introduction of small amounts of water. Even after firing, you can place additional clay, in any of the four forms, onto a piece which required additional work and refier the altered piece. You can repeat this process many times with no adverse effects on the piece. The materials are very forgiving and allow the user a great deal of flexibility in completing the final design. So relax and have fun!
    Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a 99.9% fine silver piece.
    Keep it for yourself or give a one of a kind gift to a friend.

    Written by Melanie Churchill, Keturah Esch and PMC Connection

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    Stamps and Texture Sheets
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