Innovative Tools

Rubber Stamps and Texture Sheets
Combine the magic of jewelry clay with the simplicity of stamping to create beautiful and unique jewelry. Simply roll out the clay, stamp the design or letters, finish shaping the jewelry and you're ready to fire. Roll on texture sheets to give silver textured designs.
Stamps available in individual letters and entire Alphabet Set #1044, Romance Set #6845650, Winged Creatures Set #6845651, Feng Shui 1 Set #6845670 and Feng Shui 2 Set #6845671. Texture sheets come in a package of 18 different designs #68301.

Kemper Klay Gun
Use this tool, #68709, for a limitless number of decorative clay effects such as hair, grass, flower stamens, rope, logs, bricks, vines, and stems. Includes 19 assorted discs that are formed to allow a flush cutoff of the extruded clay. Made of sturdy die cast zinc.

Includes 19 assorted discs
for a huge variety of decorative clay effects

Pattern Cutters
Make precise, even shapes quickly and easily, simply by pressing the cutter into the clay. It works just like a cookie cutter! Features a spring-returned plunger to eject the clay cut-out with no hassle.

Sets include four cutter shapes: round, teardrop, star/flower and heart. Available in 3 sizes; 3/16 inch #68704, 3/8 inch #68705 and 3/4 inch #68707. Use multiple sizes to layer shapes on top one another as we did with the moon and stars pendant at right.

Designer Dot Set
A handy tool for quick and easy imprints in a variety of small designs. Includes apples, harts, teddy bears, tulips and more! Try it out on your next silver clay project, and you'll love the results. Eight interchangeable tips. #67801

Micro Torch
If you don't have a kiln you can still create beautiful silver jewelry with our Micro Torch. This butane gas micro torch provides enough heat for you to fire simple projects. Featuring an electronic instant ignition system, a safety lock and an adjustable flame. Refill with standard butane. Torch is 6.5" tall, 3.5" wide with 1.5" diameter grip. Fire projects on Fire Brick. Butane not included.
Torch #6722050
Fire Brick #64401

A tumbler is the easiest and most effective way to get a smooth and shiny silver finish on your fired pieces. This tumbler holds up to three pounds and features a fan-cooled motor. 9 ¼" x 5 ¾" x 5 ½" tall. No maintenance stainless steel shot provides absolutely beautiful finishes and can be reused for a lifetime of polishing.
3 lb. Tumbler #67010
2.5 lb. Shot Mix #67501

Jewelry Kiln
This 120 volt kiln, #67401, is a convenient size and reaches temperature hot enough to fire jewelry, ceramics or fuse glass. Features a digital temperature controller, has outside measurement s of 13" x 13" x 15.5" high, and inside is 8" wide, 7 ¾' deep, and 5 ¾" high. Maximum temperature is 2000 degrees F. UL listed.

Kemper Hand Tools Detail Carving Tool
The Detail Carving Tool can be used to carve minute details in a clay project, allowing finer design capabilities than you thought possible. The steel blade is precision ground to a .030" point and set in a wooden handle for comfortable grip and easy control.

The Clean Up Tool's double ended design provides two quality stainless steel blades to trim, smooth or clean up your project. This great tool can be used while forming your project, or as a first step in cleaning up and sanding before firing.

The Wipe Out Tool is sure to become a favorite in your tool box. It features a double ended rubber-tipped design and is used for smoothing surfaces on clay projects and cleaning up around engraved designs.

Detail Carving Tool #68714
Clean Up Tool #68713
Wipe Out Tool #68712