Modern Birthstone Pendant Project

Download Step-by-Step Project in a printer-friendly PFD format. Viewing the files will require a free Adobe Acrobat Reader or a similar program. Download Adobe Reader.

This is a modern and stylish alternative to traditional birthstone jewelry. The smooth shiny surface and simplistic design lines really emphasize the color of the stone. The use of a basic coil in this pendant makes an elegant piece, well suited to any stone. Modern Birthstone Pendant
  • PMC+ Silver Clay #67002
  • PMC+ Silver Syringe #67017
  • CZ Stones Assortment Packs#67054 Fire and Ice, #67060 Orchid, #67059 Sunset, #67061 Ice
  • A Piece of Plexiglas #7340LEN
  • Olive Oil
  • Plastic Page Protector or other Work Surface
  • Plus: basic Silver Jewelry Clay Tools or the Silver Jewelry Clay Starter Kit #1041
    To Fire:
  • Butane Micro Torch #6722050 and Fire Brick #64401 or a kiln such as Paragon's Jewelry Kiln #67402P
  • 3 lb. Polisher/Tumbler #67010 and 2.5 lb. Shot Mix #67501
  • 600,1200, and 2000 grit wet/dry sandpaper


    1. Tape down the plastic work surface to your table.
    2. Rub a small amount of olive oil onto your work surface, hands and Plexiglas.
    3. Roll 10 gm of your clay into a coil (begin rolling between your palms, then lay on work surface and use Plexiglas as a flat "press" to continue rolling) that is about 1/8" diameter.
    4. Cut to a length of about 3 ½", placing excess clay into a sealed container.
    5. Moisten the coil with a small amount of water, letting soak in for 30-60 seconds before continuing.
    6. Bend the coil to follow the image of the piece above. Do not form as a continuous figure eight. Instead, trim the ends of the coil at an angle to meet flush with the piece that they visually "pass through."
    7. Add paste to the connections. Use pre-made PMC+ Paste #67016, or create paste by adding water to the clay. Periodically come back and build up more to result in a well-filled, stable joint.
    8. Using the Plexiglas, roll a small portion of the coil that was trimmed off to approximately 2/3 its original diameter and set aside. Form a small half circle with this coil and set it into the bottom of the figure eight. Trim the ends to meet the sides of the eight neatly, and add paste to join the pieces. This will serve as a seat for your stone.
    9. Allow clay to dry. File as needed to clean up the shape, and add paste to fill any cracks or gaps in joints.
    10. Using the fine point tip on your syringe, build up several rings of syringe clay on the pendant where the CZ is to be seated.
    11. Smooth the outside of these stacked rings with a moistened paint brush.
    12. Using tweezers, set the CZ stone into the center of the syringe rings, point facing down, making sure the flat top surface is level. The stone should be seated so that the clay comes up just above the widest point in the stone to ensure that the stone will not come unseated later.
    13. Allow the project to dry thoroughly. Use the file to do an initial clean up, then follow up with 600 grit sandpaper to remove any markings, blemishes or burrs from the surface. Use a dry paint brush to dust off any particles that remain.
    14. Examine the project from the backside and fill any gaps or flaws as needed. Dry and file again until the resulting surface appears smooth.
    15. Clean the surface of the CZ with a cotton swab and some denatured alcohol (rubbing alcohol).
    16. Fire the project either by placing in the kiln and heating to 1650 degrees F and holding for 10 minutes, or by placing on the fire brick and firing with the butane torch until it reaches a light orange glow, and hold in this state for 2-3 minutes.
    17. Finish the piece by using the stainless steel brush to brush off all residue from firing. Follow with moistened 600 grit sandpaper, then 1200, and 2000 grit until you have a clean, shiny finish that is nearly as clear as a mirror.