Charm Bracelet Project

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#69148 Silverplated Charm Bracelet
#69150 Silverplated Oval Jumprings
#68704 3/16" Pattern Cutter Set
#68301 Texture Sheet Set
#6845650 Romance Rubber Stamp Set
 #1041 Silver Jewelry Clay Starter Kit
  Olive Oil

  Also Available:
  Winged Creature Set #6845651, Feng Shui 1 #6845670, Feng Shui 2 #6845671, and individual alphabet stamps (see catalog or website for item numbers)
  Kit includes one each of the following. Included clay makes 4-6 charms pendants. Additional clay and all materials can also be purchased separately.
#64401 Fire Brick
#6289 PMC Silver Clay Instruction Book
#6722050 Butane Torch
#62601 Tweezers
#10301 Stainless Steel Brush
#67007 Polishing Block
#62603 Half-Round File
#17102 #6 Shader Brush
#67002 PMC+ Clay, 20 gram
#17103 Palette Knife
#62401 Roller
#62402 Cardboard Strip Set
Refer to Delphi's Silver Jewelry Clay Instructions for additional information.
1. Divide clay into sections of about 5 grams each (1/4 of package), leaving one out and wrapping the others securely in plastic to prevent drying.
2. Roll out clay using roller (and cardboard strips to gauge thickness) over the texture sheet of your choice.  
3. If you wish to use a rubber stamp to imprint a design, oil the surface of the stamp lightly. Align the stamp over the rolled out clay, then set it down flat on the clay surface. Press firmly and evenly to imprint the design, then lift the stamp straight up to prevent uneven pressure in the design.  
4. Trim to the desired shape using the palette knife.
5. Using the round 3/16" pattern cutter, carefully punch where you would like to make a hole by which to hang the charm. You will want to allow several mm. on all sides around the hole to ensure sturdiness. Press the end of the cutter into the clay and lift up.  
6. Use the pattern cutters to add any additional embellishments as desired. You can also create charms by rolling the clay onto the texture sheets and cutting out the surface design with a palette knife (as we did with the leaf charm in the picture shown above).  
7. Dry the charms using a blow drier, letting the clay set, or placing on a warming tray.
8. File the charms to clean up the edges and shape (you can further clean up the surface by sanding with 600 grit sandpaper and following up with 1200 grit sandpaper). Brush off any particles on the surface and inspect. Make any repairs now by applying paste, drying and filing again. Use pre-made PMC+ Paste #67016 or create paste by adding water to the clay.
9. Add design elements to the back side of the charm if desired, dry, file and clean up the surface.
10. Place the dry charm on your fire brick or kiln shelf an fire. To torch fire heat evenly until the pendant reaches a faint orange color and hold at this temperature for about 3 minutes. To fire in a kiln heat to about 1650 degrees F, hold for 10 minutes then cool.
11. Brush off the white residue from the firing using the wire bristle brush. Continue polishing as desired. You may also "burnish" the high points on the surface of the charm by rubbing the edge of the stainless steel tweezers firmly against the areas you wish to enhance.
12. Attach the charms to the bracelet with jumprings and jewelry pliers.
Creative Ideas:
  • Add CZ stones to the charms
  • Cut out charms following the contour of the imprinted design
  • Use PMC+ Syringe #67004 to add lines or details


    More Jewelry Clay Instructions and Great Beginner Project Supplies:
    Working with Precious Metal Clay #6318
    50 projects are presented in this comprehensive guide, plus plenty of useful tips for working with silver jewelry clay. Finished items are shown in color; directions are augmented with color illustrations to guide you thought the creative process. Hardcover and spiral bound, this useful guide by Tim McCraight is 127 pages.


    Kemper Tools
    Use the Kemper Klay Gun #68709 for a limitless number of decorative clay effects. Includes 19 assorted discs with easy to use extruder gun. Pattern cutters allow students to make precise, even shapes quickly and easily.

    Sets include four cutter shapes: round, teardrop, star/flower and heart. Available in 3 sizes; 3/16 inch #68704, 3/8 inch #68705 and 3/4 inch #68707. Use multiple sizes to layer shapes on top one another. Designer Dot Set #68701 is a handy tool for quick and easy imprints in a variety of small designs. Includes eight interchangeable tips.

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