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Delphi In the News

Delphi Customer at Japan's First Major Art Festival

Vincent Pernicano Lansing, MI (December 14, 2009) - Artisan and long time Delphi Glass customer Vincent Pernicano has recently returned home after participating in Yokohama International Art Fair. This event is believed to be Japan's first major open-air art festival.

Traditionally fine art in Japan is available through private galleries, not large, outdoor events like the one that took place in Yokohama. The festival is thought to be the first of its kind. Twenty-seven artists were in attendance, including glass artist Vince Pernicano.

"[In Japan] occasionally there are small craft fairs in different locations but no art fairs," explains Pernicano. He goes on to say that the turnout was exceptional and that the people seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. "I think that given a few years art fairs could become as common there as they are here," he adds.

Vince Pernicano was the only glass artist invited to Yokohama. The director for the show, Midori Ueda-Okahana, personally asked him to attend after seeing some of his work. Pernicano's technique involves combining glass with fine metals and paints. Often he blends fusible glass with frit, enamels and dichroic jewels he creates himself. He is best known for his jewelry, glass sculptures, and fused panels augmented with his own paintings.

Even though Pernicano lives and works in a small community in Northern Michigan, his art has received international attention before. As an accomplished artist and studio owner of 50 years, his art has been purchased by people across the country and from other parts of the world. The artist also won the 2009 Delphi Art Glass Festival Online Competition last May, which attracted entries from countries as far away as Australia.

"I am inspired in all my work by nature, life experiences and observations," says Pernicano.

About Delphi Glass Corp.
Established in 1972, Delphi was founded on the belief that everyone can be creative. They offer supplies and instructional classes for beginner crafters to professional artisans. Located in Lansing, MI and online, Delphi offers variety of crafts and finished goods including glass art, jewelry, and ceramics. Visit to learn more.

Delphi Introduces New PreCut Wasser Shapes

Glass SuppliesLansing, MI (October 5, 2009) - Delphi Glass (, serving glass artists of all skill levels, is proud to introduce new additions in Wasser Fusible Pre-cut Shapes.

Wasser is a lightweight 90 COE glass used in fusing and mosaic projects. Delphi carries the manufacturer's latest pre-cuts and color assortments. New pre-cut leaves are available in spring and fall color assortments, or in the new Wasser Nature Mix which gives artists approximately 160 pieces or eight ounces of glass.

Delphi is also the exclusive provider of Wasser's Patterned Circle Assortments. Three new patterns have been added: Carnival, Midnight and Inferno. Delphi offers Wasser Pre-Cut Shapes in both packs and in bulk.

Visit to shop online or to request a free 452-page Creative Arts Catalog. Contact Delphi toll-free at 800-248-2048 or email [email protected].

Delphi Exclusive Dichromagic Dichroic Waves

dichromagic waves Lansing, MI (September 28, 2009) - Delphi Glass (, serving glass crafters since 1972, is proud to announce new Dichromagic Dichroic Waves exclusively available from Delphi and its partners.

These new precut shapes are cut directly from sheets of Dichromagic fusible dichroic glass. Dichroic coatings include the popular Far Out and Groove Tie-Dye patterns as well as solid color combinations. This product can be used to quickly add detail to fusing and glass blowing projects, or fused together to make Murrini.

Waves measure 8" long and are available in 3mm and 6mm widths. Delphi offers 8 styles of Dichromagic Dichroic Waves in both 90 and 96 COE.

Visit to shop online or to request a FREE Creative Arts Catalog. Contact Delphi toll-free at 800-248-2048 or email [email protected].

New Creative Arts Catalog from Delphi

Delphi Annual Catalog Lansing, MI (August 17, 2009) - Delphi Glass (, celebrating 37 years in the art glass community, has released their 2009-2010 Annual Creative Arts Supply Catalog. At 452 pages, it is their largest catalog to date.

The full-color catalog is densely packed with a wide variety of glass, tools and supplies. Over 5800 new products have been added, including more fusing and dichroic glass, Delphi Exclusives and the latest jewelry findings. Still included are Artists Spotlights, quick step-by-step projects, and dozens of finished projects to help inspire beginners and artisans alike.

"We are very excited about this year's catalog," says Merchandising Director Jennifer Newman. "Artisans deserve to work with a wide selection of top-quality products. Delphi's new catalog delivers the best and latest glass art supplies anywhere."

Besides traditional glass crafts, Delphi's new Creative Arts Catalog includes jewelry, ceramics, and metal embossing. Vistors to will find hundreds of additional products including new styles of fusible and stained glass, professional-grade tools, and even finished artwork and handmade gifts.

Visit to request your Free 2009-2010 Creative Arts Supply Catalog. The catalog is also available by calling (800) 248-2048. Email [email protected] or shop online at

Delphi Continues To Expand Fusing Selection

Lansing, MI (April 16, 2009) - Delphi Glass ( supports green initiatives and is proud to announce its exclusive line of Recycled Glass Tile Mixes.

Recyled Glass TileMade from 100% recycled glass, tiles have the same color intensity and brilliance as new glass. The reverse side of tiles features a gently textured surface for better adhesion. Each tile measures 7/16", allowing artisans to create intricate mosaic patterns.

Delphi offers 8 exclusive assortments including such fun color mixes as "Olive Martini" and "Orange Crush". Each 1/2 lb. package includes 5 graduated colors, perfect for shading. With approximately 200 tiles per package, there is enough to cover over 50 square inches. Individual colors are also available at

Since 1972, Delphi has been dedicated to the community it serves. The company supports arts in the classroom and uses recycled materials to protect the environment whenever possible. Delphi dozens of tools that help reduce waste, save time and money, and will make anyone's workshop just a little more green. Visit Delphi online at for more Earth friendly ideas.

Delphi Continues To Expand Fusing Selection

Lansing, MI (April 14, 2009) - Delphi Glass (, serving glass artisans and hobbyists since 1972, continues to expand its unique selection of Fusing and Stained Glass Supplies. Sepia Decals

New System 96 Three Inch Glass Squares offer the same quality as the full sheets, but in smaller, more manageable sizes. Sold in packs of four, these 3" x 3" squares are the perfect size for small, quick projects such as custom tiles or fused coasters. They can also be cut down and used in jewelry or mosaic projects. Available in System 96's most popular styles, including Hi-Fire Iridized, OpalArt, Spirit, and Aventurines, packs are exclusively from Delphi.

For stained glass enthusiasts, Delphi now offers more Factory Packs. Factory packs come directly from top glass manufacturers, and offer great savings on a large volume and wide assortment of glass. Delphi also carries the new Stipple Glass Little Brave Pack, recently released from Youghiogheny.

Delphi offers exclusive supplies for fused artisans as well, including new Alexa Jewelry Findings and Finished Necklace Pendants that capture contemporary sentiments. For the fused jewelry artist, Fine Art Sepia Decals, sold in assortments of 12, offer a range of design themes to compliment any COE of glass.

Delphi offers hundreds of unique and exclusive supplies for glass crafters and artisans. Visit their website to read customer reviews and browse full line of products. Contact Delphi toll-free at 800-248-2048 or by email at [email protected]. For 24-hour convenience, shop online at

Transfer Color Images Directly Onto Glass

Lansing, MI (February 18, 2009) - Delphi Glass ( is excited to introduce new Creative Images Color Slide and new Fused Art Decals. These two products allow artists to transfer color images directly onto glass.

Creative Images Color Slide

Creative Images Color Slide allows stained glass and mosaic artists to enhance their projects with drawings, photography and lettering. Images are printed directly onto the transfer paper using a color copier or color laser printer then baked onto the glass using very minimum heat. The product is sold with detailed directions.

For fusers, Delphi is introducing Fused Art Decals, part of the Fuseworks product line, supplies for beginner fusers. These low cost color decals can withstand high temperature firings. Images are permanently fused onto the surface of the glass and designed to not scratch, wrinkle or wash off in time. Lead-free, they are safe to use on all food bearing surfaces. Choose from four design themes.

Delphi offers a wide selection of glass, tools and supplies. Now offering customer reviews for products, crafters can shop from over 30,000 specialty products online. Visit to find these and many other exciting new items.

More Glass Value Packs at Delphi

Lansing, MI (February 18, 2009) - Delphi Glass (, serving glass artisans and hobbyists since 1972, is introducing more glass value packs for stained glass and fusing.

Land and Sea Glass Pack

Some Like It Hot Glass Pack

Glass packs are an excellent way to get a variety of glass at a discount or to sample multiple colors. Stained glass artists will enjoy stocking up on popular clear patterns with Delphi's Clear Texture Value Pack. New Some Like It Hot Glass Pack offers bright reds and oranges while the new Land And Sea Glass Packs give artists a pallet of greens, blue and browns to create with, all available exclusively from Delphi.

For fusers, Delphi offers two Economy Dichroic Packs, a new Thin Basics Jewelers Pack and the lush new Tropical Rainforest Streakies Pack. These, in addition to their exclusive line of Delphi Studio Glass in both 90 COE fusible and Traditional Art Glass value packs, provide fresh ways to be creative and save money.

Now offering customer reviews, crafters can find these and 30,000 other unique products online at Delphi's Website.

Delphi Hosts Jan Schrader for Intensive Workshops

Jan Schrader with project

Lansing, MI (February 18, 2009) - Delphi Glass (, source for stained glass and fusing supplies, hosts fusing artist Jan Schrader for two intensive workshops at the Delphi Creativity Center this June.

Delphi offers over 100 classes and workshops each year, many taught by guest artists. This June, they welcome back Jan Schrader, professional studio artist and author of the "Glass Decor" Series. She will be teaching two of her most popular classes: "Fused Glass Pictures" and "Innovative Dichroic Glass Jewelry". Both are intensive, full-day workshops that focus on techniques. Students learn by creating projects alongside the instructor.

"We are so excited to have Jan back this summer," says Delphi Store Manager Roy Kapp, "She's an inspiring instructor, and students, even advanced students, can lean so much from her classes."

Workshops will be held at the Delphi Creativity Center in Lansing, MI. Visit for more about this and many other upcoming events. Space is limited. RSVPs are required. Call 800-248-2048 to reserve a seat.

Win $100 Delphi Gift Certificate for Sharing Your Opinion

Lansing, MI (January 19, 2009) - Delphi Glass (, serving glass artisans and hobbyists since 1972, now offers customer product reviews. In celebration, customers who submit a review during these first few months are entered to win a $100 Delphi Gift Certificate.

Customers can now share their experience and opinion about any item Delphi carries online. This new features helps shoppers on find top rated products, avoid items they do not want, and get tips from their peers.

For a limited time, anyone who submits a product review to the Delphi website is automatically entered to win a $100 Delphi Gift Certificate. Winners are chosen every month by a random drawing. For more information including entry deadlines, go to

Delphi offers a wide selection of tools and supplies both online and at their center in Lasing, MI. With over 30,000 specialty products including supplies for stained glass, mosaics, fusing, flameworking, jewelry crafts, and now ceramics, Delphi is dedicated to serving the entire art community. Learn more at

Delphi Customers Can Buy and Sell Their Art Online

Artist Gallery Lansing, MI (January 5, 2009) - Delphi Glass (, the leader in glass crafts, is adding Artist Gallery to their website, a feature that lets customers buy and sell their art through the Delphi website.

Delphi Artist Gallery is a marketplace for handmade glass crafts. Visitors can easily browse a diverse library of glass art or sign up to sell their own projects. Delphi plans to go live with this new feature early this year. Visit to see the Artist Gallery now.

Features of the new Artist Gallery include personalized Shop Names and URLs, artist profiles, complete sale listings, featured products on the homepage, and a feedback and reporting system. Delphi takes every precaution to protect personal information. They offer PayPal as a secure way to buy and an internal email system so private email addresses are not shared.

As soon as the Artist Gallery went live, artisans began asking for a way to not only share their art but also sell it directly to Delphi's niche clientele.

"We saw a real need in the glass art community for a place to buy and sell their work without the clutter found on other websites," says President and CEO Dan Daniels. He sees Delphi's Artist Gallery as a great tool for artisans and hobbyists alike. "You don't have to rely on craft fairs anymore," says Daniels, "You can sell handmade art from the comfort of home in your spare time."

Delphi believes in embracing technology and innovation. With over 30,000 items for sale at, they provide the craft community with a huge selection of stained glass, mosaics, fusing, flameworking, jewelry crafts and ceramics at competitive prices. Now offering customer reviews online, it's even easier to find the tools and supplies you need.

Visit ( to learn more about buying and selling handmade art.


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