Demo & Install: Semi-Auto Tray from Taurus

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Published: June 18, 2019
In this video Dane show you how to install and use the Semi-Automatic Floating Tray for the Taurus 3 Ring Saw. Make precision cuts with ease using the semi-automatic floating tray. This spring-loaded tray fits the Taurus 3 saw (sold separately) and features an adjustable tension knob allowing it to cut with just the right amount of pressure depending on what you are cutting. The magnetic angles make it possible to cut both 90° and 45° cuts. The floating tray comes with a special worksurface that replaces the standard Taurus 3 worksurface. Simply pull the automatic tray back, place your piece between the magnetic angles and then let go. It does the hard work of cutting for you! Ideal for production work, or just giving you a little extra muscle so you aren't straining to apply pressure. Can cut pieces up to 5-1/4" long. Must be used with the Slicer Blade (#57109 sold separately). ---- Semi Auto Tray: Gemini Slicer Blade:
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