Beginner Lead Stained Glass Start-Up Kit

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Published: January 13, 2015
Learn to make traditional stained glass with our Beginner Lead Start-Up Kit. This kit includes all the supplies needed to start your own Leaded Stained Glass Window
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    A Few Of My Favorite Things Stained Glass Kit

    Our stained glass experts got together to gift you you our must-haves for any stained glass artist making it the perfect gift to give to friends, family or yourself! Hear why we love them! Vocals courtesy of Katherine Pavlat.

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    Framing a Stained Glass Panel with Zinc and Oak Framing Stock #FacebookLive

    Roy and Val will show you how to finish your project using a zinc frame and then how to finish it with framing stock.

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    Oceanside Fusers Reserve Purple Haze OpalArt

    Oceanside Fusers Reserve Purple Haze OpalArt is here! Watch us open the crate. :purple_heart: #NewGlass #FusersReserve #OpalArt #OceansideGlass #OceansideCompatible #Fusing #Kilnformed #StainedGlass #Mosaic #ArtGlass

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    Uncrating Oceanside Fusers Reserve Dreamcatcher OpalArt

    Oceanside Fusers Reserve Dreamcatcher OpalArt is here! Watch us open the crate. :star-struck: #NewGlass #FusersReserve #OpalArt #OceansideGlass #OceansideCompatible #Fusing #Kilnformed #StainedGlass #Mosaic #ArtGlass

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    50th Cover Panel #Reel

    Our 50th Anniversary cover! The Delphi logo is surrounded by apple blossoms representing our home state of Michigan. It was photographed where it all began, the home in East Lansing where Dan started Delphi in his garage. Created by artists Kayleigh Clark, Melanie Poddig and Daisy Simon.

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    Superior Bevel Clusters #ProductToProject

    From #Product to #Project Delphi’s Exclusive Superior Bevel Clusters #StainedGlass #ProductToProject

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    NEW Oceanside Fusers Reserve Aventurine Green and White OpalArt - 96 COE

    How amazing is this limited edition Fusers Reserve Aventurine Green and White OpalArt from Oceanside Glass & Tile! Video courtesy of Oceanside Glass & Tile.

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    Break Lines Help Create Movement and Stability

    Roy and Val talk about break lines and how not only do they add stability to your panel but how they can also help create movement. Learn how to edit and create your own patterns.

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    Oceanside Gradient Glass Packs #Reel

    Looking for a quick way to stock up your studio? Gradient packs are perfect to add your favorite hues to your glass collection. Each pack contains 6 pieces each 6” square. Ideal for doing stained glass, fusing or mosaics! #DelphiExclusive #GlassPacks #Fusing #StainedGlass #Mosaic #Gradient #BeCreative

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    Repairing Stained Glass Foil Panels #FacebookLive

    In this Facebook Live video Roy and Val will show you how they repair stained glass foil panels. You will see how to fix both interior and exterior pieces.

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    Wispy Bevel Cluster Comes To Life #Reel

    Watch this bevel cluster come to life! Created With: ??Wispy Bevel Cluster #13065 - Only While Supplies Last ??Oceanside Teal Green Transparent Waterglass #X5232W ??Oceanside Clear Iridized Granite #XI100G #ProductToProject #CustomPanel #StainedGlass #AnnualBevelSale #Bevels #StainedGlass #GlassArtists #DailyInspiration #BeCreative

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    Tiffany Lamp Method #FacebookLive

    In this Facebook Live video Roy and Val show you how to use lamp forms, talk about glass selection as well as the creating process. Link to supplies.

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    3D Projects with Roy and Val #FacebookLive

    In this Facebook Live video Roy and Val will show you how to created and solder stained glass boxes. Add hinges and chain for your lid. Val also shares her favorite way to use bevels with UV glue for fast 3-dimensional projects. Perfect for use in your own décor or to give as gifts. Perfect for a quick weekend project. Supplies we used today. Assembly Stained Glass Tools: UV Glue and Light:

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    Youghiogheny Cream Of The Crop Unboxing Video

    Take a look inside our Youghiogheny Cream Of The Crop Artisan Factory Glass Pack box. Buy yours here. #StainedGlass #Unboxing #DelphiExclusive

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    Soldering Your Stained Glass Panel #FacebookLive

    In this video we are covering all things soldering. This Facebook Live video Roy and Val cover hold to hold your iron, what solder to use and more!

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    Finishing Your Stained Glass Project #FacebookLive

    In this video we are covering all things finishing for your stained glass project. This Facebook Live video Roy and Val cover adding zinc came from start to finish. Adding jump rings specifically how to attach and secure them. As well as showing you various patinas and finally framing using wood framing stock.

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    Foiling and Fitting #FacebookLive

    In this video we are covering getting the right fit for your project and foiling. Learn all about the various types of foils, thickness and backing color and why that makes a difference for your stained glass project with Roy and Val from our Facebook Live.

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    Foil vs Lead #FacebookLive

    Roy and Val go over why you would choose one over the other during a Facebook live.

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    Youghiogheny Opalescent Glass Company, Inc: True Dichro Glass

    Delphi Glass offers a large selection of Youghiogheny Glass online and at our store in Lansing, MI. Youghiogheny Stained Glass is recommended by glass artists for its beautiful, unique color pallet. Perfect for glass restoration and reproduction work, Youghiogheny's mottled glass is nearly identical to what was used during Louis Tiffany's time. Stipple art glass from Youghiogheny Glass is a premium, hand-made glass that disperses light in a unique way producing crisper, more vibrant colors. "Yogi" glass is famous for its color mixes. The colors are crisp and vibrant, making it a favorite of glass artists. Discover it for yourself! Youghiogheny (pronounced Yock-uh-gain-ee) is a gorgeous glass. If you've never worked with Stipple, you will be amazed at its crisp and vibrant colors. Where other glass mixes may bleed together, Stipple keeps true greens, red, magentas and pinks you won't believe! An excellent Tiffany reproduction glass. Visit Delphi Glass: For more information about Youghiogheny, visit: Subscribe to Delphi Glass for more videos and project ideas:

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    NEW Delphi Art Glass Classes

    We believe that Delphi Art Glass classes can lead to a lifetime hobby and thousands of hours of enjoyable creativity. Guests enjoy a fun art glass class with other students while learning new tricks and techniques. Our experienced and enthusiastic artists guide students step-by-step to create their own works of art. Delphi Art Glass classes are a fun and creative hands-on group experience. Students share ideas and learn skills and techniques in an enjoyable, creative community environment under the guidance of experienced art glass instructors. We believe in helping people be creative and making the glass arts enjoyable and rewarding. Invite your friends, sip your favorite beverage and enjoy step-by-step instruction with our experienced and enthusiastic artists. It's a colorful, casual party atmosphere where you'll leave your cares behind and go home with a one-of-a-kind project created by you. Visit Delphi Glass: Subscribe to Delphi Glass for more videos and project ideas:

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