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Published: March 8, 2011
Step-by-step instructions on how to use the indirect mosaic method to create a mosaic coaster. Just add water, stir and pour into your favorite mold, dries in an hour.Watch this video to learn how to make a mosaic coaster using our square coaster mold.
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    Turn on Your Creativity with the Studio Pro LED Light Pad

    A good light box is a necessity for every glass artist. Use it for tracing patterns, marking patterns on glass, or English Method glass cutting as well as comparing glass samples to pick colors. Sleek thin profile design measures 1/4" high and has a generous 23-5/8" x 15-3/4" acrylic tracing surface. Smart design allows you to control the brightness, simply hold the power button to adjust ultra bright-LED lights! Convenient wall mount plug in.

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    Creating with Bullseye Holly Berry Glass #FacebookLive

    Roy and Val will show you how to cut it and use it for both fusing and stained glass.

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    Working with Patinas #FacebookLive

    Dive into using patinas on stained glass projects. Roy and Val will show you how to use each as well and tips and tricks.

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    Working with Color Slide #FacebookLive

    In this video we are talking about how to use color slide to add colorful imagery to your artwork.

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    Fusing Photo Paper #FacebookLive

    Have you heard of photo fusing paper? If not, Roy and Val will tell you all about it. How to use it. What is the best glass to use with it and how to fire it.

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    What distinguishes Hot Shot kilns from the rest?

    Hear from Chris from Hot Shot on what distinguishes their kilns from the rest on the market. #CoolTouchTechnology #HugYourHotShot #Kiln #Fusing #FusedGlass #Kilnformed #GlassArtist

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    Hot Shot Kiln #FacebookLive

    Roy and Val show you the Hot Shot Clamshell Kiln With TAP Controller featuring cool touch technology. #FacebookLive #LearnFromDelphiExperts #Fusing #NewKiln #GlassFusing #GlassArtists #BeCreative

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    Stained Glass Spinners #FacebookLive

    Roy, Daisy and Val show you how we created our spinners as well as assembling plus tips and tricks.

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    Weller 80 Watt Soldering Iron with LED Halo Ring

    We love the light ring on this soldering iron! Order yours:

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    Panel Vise

    An old favorite is back - the Panel Vise! #StainedGlass #ExtraHand #ThirdHand #Soldering #SolderingTool

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    Drilling Holes in Glass #FacebookLive

    Roy and Val demonstrate how to drill holes in glass.

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    Glass Cutting Basics #FacebookLive

    Roy and Val cover the basics of glass cutting during a Facebook live. They cover the different type of cutters and how to use them. Along with running pliers and breaker/grozer pliers.

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    Oceanside Emerald Green Opal - 96 COE

    Hot off the lehr - Oceanside Emerald Green Opal - 96 COE Video courtesy of Oceanside Glass & Tile.

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    Fused Glass Flowers

    Do you enjoy your neighbors flowers but don’t have a green thumb yourself? Then this video is for you. Roy and Val are showing you how to create your own glass flowers using Creative Paradise molds. The Fused Glass Flowers Book: Hardware Kit: Glass Casting Video: Vitrigraph Video:

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    The Abrasive Stone - Most Under Rated Tool for Any Glass Artist

    Whether you are looking to smooth your glass edges or remove small bits of unwanted glass, the abrasive stone is a quick and easy way to get this accomplished. #GlassTool #GlassArtist #AbrasiveStone

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    Garden Art #FacebookLive

    In this Facebook Live Roy and Val are sharing fun garden art ideas for stained glass, fusing and mosaics.

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    Compatibility when Fusing Glass with the Stress Tester #FacebookLive

    Roy and Val talk about glass compatibility when fusing. We are showcasing the Stress Tester that gives you the ability to see what the naked eye can’t.

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    Unboxing The Grinder 3

    Unbox The Grinder 3 with us and see all it has to offer. Like what you see? Link to our website

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    Making Beads with Val and Roy #FacebookLive

    We are lighting up the torch in this Facebook live. Val and Roy are talking flameworking! Watch Val create a standard round bead as well as a fish bead.

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