Breda Glass Nippers

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Product Features

  • Generates 5 times the force of regular nippers
  • Comfortable wrist angle minimizes stress
  • Can be altered to be used by both left and right handed artists
  • Rubber grip keeps pieces from flying
  • Ergonomic angle
  • Made in the U.S.A

Product Description

Make creating beautiful mosaics even more enjoyable. Use for easy and fast cutting of sheet glass, smalti, Venetian glass tiles, ceramic tile and small porcelain tiles too! Designed to nip up to 5mm in thickness. The unique grip design generates 5 times the force of regular nippers while also being comfortable to use for long periods with no discomfort. Super light weight making repetitive nipping a breeze! 

The reversible design can be used by both left and right handed users - simply loosen the nipper wheels and flip them to the other side. Features a wheel indexing system for maximum life with the nipping wheels. When one part gets worn rotate to the next number allowing for easily alignment and extends the life of your nippers. Added bonus - the rubber ring next to the wheel keeps pieces from flying while nipping. Nippers measure 8-3/4" long.

Delphi Tip: Use wheeled nippers to easily cut glass and tiles into various shapes. To create shard-like pieces, hold the wheeled nippers at an angle. Create squares and triangular pieces by holding the nippers straight up and down. If using sheet glass, start with a glass strip, then nip the strip. Play around with the way that you hold the nipper to see the different kinds of shapes you can create. Varying the shape of the glass pieces in your project will not only create interest, but will also allow you to show movement and direction.

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