Studio News: The Tool I Can't Live Without

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I dont have just one favorite tool, but there is one that I use virtually every time I work on a project. As you know, having the right tool for the job, makes the job a whole lot easier.

Beetle Bits Cutting System with the Flying Beetle Attachment

This system provides the speed and precision glass cutting that a busy studio demands. Cutting strips, squares, angles and more are perfect every time, and this tool does it in half the time of other systems. Be sure to train your entire staff to use this amazing system and theyll all be anxious to use it.

Plus, they now have a 35 bar to use with your system, so cutting large pieces of glass is fast and accurate.

There is a video on the Business Center, under Studio Resources that demonstrates all the wonderful things this system will do!

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Denise Christmas-Gibson

Denise Christmas-Gibson

Denise Christmas-Gibson is a glass artist and instructor. Denise owned her own studio for eight years and now works with other studios in helping them with their programs.   After graduating with her degree in Marketing from UCF in Orlando, she became a corporate executive for 18 years. As her children began to grow up, she decided to do something that would allow her to spend more time with her children and provide a creative outlet for her 'inner artist'. Discovering fusing of glass changed her life. She now spends hours a day working with glass, teaching others to enjoy this wonderful medium, and consulting with other studios whenever possible.