Beads of Courage Needs Your Vote!

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Youve seen the commercials on TV and read about it on the can. Pepsi is refreshing everything. They've been giving millions of dollars away in grant money to good ideas across the country. And Delphi is trying to help one idea in particular get the funding it deserves.

The Beads of Courage program brings brightly colored handmade beads to children coping with life-threatening conditions and painful treatments. For each treatment, the child is given a bead to symbolize his/her strength and bravery during the procedure. Chemo. Radiation. Spinal injection. Surgery. Pictures of the patients show them wearing multiple necklaces with dozens of beads. These kids have been through a lot.

Beads of Courage is asking Pepsi for a $25,000 grant, which will bring the program to 10 new hospitals and serve 10,000 children coping with life-threatening illnesses.

Jean Baruch founded Beads of Courage, Inc. in Arizona while working on her PhD in nursing. Since then, the organization has established programs in more than 60 childrens hospitals throughout the US, New Zealand and Japan.The program has gone through extensive research determining its impact on the young participants, their families and the hospital staff. What have they found? Its completely transforming the treatment experience in a positive way.

You can learn more about Beads of Courage, watch testimonies from patients and vote here.Please take a moment and vote for this amazing program!

Help us spread the word. Tell your friends and neighbors about this project and ask them to vote. You can vote once EVERY day during the month of July.

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Julie Bedford

Julie Bedford

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