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Do you love making lamps?

Enter Delphi's "Light Up Our Blog" contest for a chance to be featured on our blog and to receive a Flower Power premium glass pack from Uroboros Glass. Other entrants will be considered for features on our blog as well.

Email a photo of your lamp, and a little about you (the artist) to [email protected]

One entry per person please. All entries must be received by Feb. 29, 2012. Stained glass entries only please.

Delphi Glass will notify winner by replying to email address. Delphi Glass reserves the right to deny entry to the contest for any reason. Winner will be chosen by Delphi Glass associates. Participants acknowledge that Delphi Glass may use their photos, with artist credit, for reproduction in any medium, including print and electronic for the purpose of advertising, trade, display or any other medium.

Lamp pictured, top left, created by John Metcalfe.

The contest is over. Read about the winner here. View all of the entries here.

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Julie B.  •  March 26, 2012
@Charlene K. Oh no! I'm wondering if I didn't receive it for some reason? The same thing must have happened with @Dawn2364!
Charlene K.  •  March 26, 2012
@DelphiHelper Thanks for the links. I didn't see a picture of my lamp that I submitted, not sure why? Oh well, next time ;)
Julie B.  •  March 26, 2012
@Charlene, I added two links to the story above - one to view the winner and one to view the album of entries. Hopes this helps!
Charlene K.  •  March 25, 2012
@dawnl2364 How do you view the other entries? I also entered, but cannot find where to see the other entries or any more info about the competition. (I'm not on Facebook or Twitter, so have no idea how to find the info I am looking for).
Julie B.  •  March 06, 2012
@dawnl2364 Hi Dawn, I just double checked, and we did not receive your entry into the contest. What email did you send it to? Perhaps the photo was too large and didn't go through? We can only accept images up to 10mb....we definitely want you to be able to enter contests in the future! :)
Dawn L.  •  March 06, 2012
To the good people of Delphi, My name is Dawn LaBonte I thought I entered a lamp in the light up the lamp contest, but I did not see it among the other entries. Did it get entered or did I not send it through email properly? Can you let me know as I may want to enter other contests in the future. Thank You, Dawn LaBonte
Evelyn C.  •  January 03, 2012
I love these ideas for using my bottle cutter. Please pick me:)!!


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