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In its 38 years of business, Delphi has become increasingly well known on the American art glass scene. What started with a handful of products sold in the family's garage, has become the country's largest selection of glass, classes and workshops. Now, Delphis art glass supplies are becoming more familiar even further from home.

In what some may see as an unlikely place for Delphi products to reside, the Michigan-based company recently announced its partnership with Anguse International, a well-established glass company in Taipei, Taiwan.

But Taiwan is not as implausible a place for art glass to exist as one might think. Its art and cultural scene is vibrant - teeming with woodcarvers, stonecarvers, ceramists, paper artists and glass artists. In fact, traditional crafts like these are becoming increasingly more popular with modern artisans.

According to the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan, Oriental glassware art has taken a new lease on life in Taiwan: Liuli Gongfang and Tittot are two examples of glass artists who have earned international acclaim in recent years. And interest is growing.

Ray Chen and May Wang, owners of Anguse International, originally an architectural glass company, became interested in art glass when patrons started requesting supplies for fusing and glass jewelry projects. Ray and May began researching art glass products and soon discovered Delphi, the leader in art glass education and supplies. With the help of family members in New York, the two planned a trip to visit Delphis Creativity Center in Lansing, MI.

Soon after, the Taiwanese company became Delphis exclusive distributor in the area, offering a full line of stained glass and fusible glass products. It is now the largest distributor of art glass in Taiwan.

For years, Delphi has been working hard to take its passion for art glass global.

We are dedicated to expanding our commitment to arts and education, said Delphi founder and CEO Dan Daniels. This is a great opportunity to bring instruction, supplies, inspiration and support to the people of Taiwan.

To further its commitment to education abroad, Delphi is sending two of its most experienced instructors to Taiwan to hold a five-day fusing class. Roy Kapp and Suzanne Fung will demonstrate different fusing and art glass skills, and share valuable tips and techniques with participants.

Anguse International is one of Delphis many Elite Dealers. The fast-growing network is made up of established storefronts, large and small, that offer the same dedication to customer service and passion for teaching that have made Delphi so successful.

Moreover, Delphi looks forward to reaching out to its Taiwanese customers in new and exciting ways.

Ultimately, whether here or abroad, artists are looking for the same thing, Daniels said. They want the tools and support to help them in their creative efforts, and thats what we provide.

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Peg M.  •  February 20, 2020
Is there a good way to solder glass to the inside of horseshoes
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Julie Bedford

Julie graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Communications. She worked as a marketing director and graphic designer before coming to work for Delphi as social media manager. Her mother is an artist and inspired Julie's love for art and creativity at a young age. Her hobbies include writing, crafting and social networking.