9 Amazing Father's Day Tributes

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"My dad 'retired' and wasnt enjoying the change of pace so I suggested he get back into an old hobby (stained glass) by coming to work with me here at Delphi. He joined the customer service department and brought technical expertise and a passion for customer care that always made me proud to have him here. Along the way, he also got back into stained glass, and picked up an interest in mosaics, fusing and cold-working. Hes since 'retired' again, but cant quite seem to give up his love of tools and customers and finds his way back to Delphi as a photographer during our annual Art Glass Festival event, and as an assistant instructor with Guest Instructor Kent Lauer every year. The photo (at right) was taken by Melanie Churchill during the 2010 AGF reception while dad and I were both cruising the crowd with our cameras. - Karina Foster, Delphi Glass Merchandising Assistant

My father was born with a congenital hip disorder, and he didnt walk like the average person does, he swayed from side to side. My youngest son said he walked like a duck. He spent years in the hospital as a child going through painful surgeries as doctors tried to correct the problem. They never did. Never did he let this get him down. He was the happiest person Ive ever known, never had an enemy, and he hummed his way through each and every day of his life that I knew him. I can still hear him humming when I think of him. Children would stare at my dad in the stores, one time we overheard a child say, 'look at that man, he is drunk.' I was very angry, my dad looked at me and said 'ignore them they dont understand.' What I learned from my dad was that no matter what each day brings you, enjoy every day, and never let anyone or anything get you down, be happy, be thankful and hum a happy tune whenever you feel like it. Marce Henk Scearcy, Delphi Glass Facebook Fan

There are so many ways that my father has inspired me, but one of the largest ways is his hands-on parenting. Growing up, I have memories of him helping me with my nightly homework. No matter how busy he was, he always had time to give me a quiz or review a paper. Now that Im a working parent, with 4 young children, and am always busy, I think of my Dad and try to emulate his parenting. The dishes can wait, the email can wait, the TV can wait. He inspires me to be the best parent I can be, and to make time for the little nightly routines. I hope my kids will look back and remember that I was there for them, just like my father was there for me. (See photo at left) - Jennifer Newman, Delphi Glass Merchandise Director

My Dad passed away 4 years ago this coming June, I so miss him. Dad was a career Navy man, who shaped my life dramatically, his love of horses passed on to me and I still have horses 49 years after my first one. Dad's feet never stayed still with his sea duties. His wandering feet became mine too as I ended up being an over-the-road truck driver. I got to take Dad with me on a run before his health failed. What a tremendous impact that trip was for us both. My Dad was gone most of my younger years as he served in Vietnam, so this trip really allowed us to know each other more closely. Dad taught me what is to give up things for yourself to serve others. He loved woodworking, ceramics, anything to do with the water and being outside. Guess what? I do too! Dad loved the Illini and I got to do a stepping stone for him before he died, it rests here in the living room as a reminder. Yes My Dad influenced me a lot- RIP Dad - Ellie Case, Delphi Facebook Fan

My dad is an amazing father! I have always felt very blessed to have him in my life. Growing up I knew I could go to him for anything and he would be there for me with unconditional love and support. I have heard some fathers are not the best when it comes to interacting with daughters, however, I am proud to say my dad is. He would do anything for me and my sister, whether it was playing Barbies or helping paint our nails for school dances. He is one of the cool dads, the kind who would say funny things to my friends like, Say hi to my peeps! My friends always wanted to talk to him or go to the store with him. He is just a fun guy to be around. He is also a very hands-on dad who is not only there for the fun times but the hard times as well. Growing up I didnt always appreciate him the way I should have. I will admit I didnt always listen. However my dad has the patience of a saint and unconditional love for me! And for that my dad is my hero. (See photo at right) Kayleigh McGrath, Delphi Glass Merchandising Assistant

My dad also shared a love of glass. The first piece I made was a 2 x 3 panel of a horse running in the woods, for my dad. No one in the family knew I worked with glass, so when it was presented to him for his birthday, which happened to be fathers day weekend, I have never seen him so shocked as he was that day. It is hanging in the living room window and everyone (including salesmen) has to go in and admire it. Even though i see the flaws I have never been as proud or touched about a piece as I am about that one. Debbie Grineage Moget, Delphi Facebook Fan

When I left for college, my dad gave me an envelope and told me to open it when I got to my dorm. Being young and thinking I knew it all, I never opened the envelope. While I did end up graduating with good grades, I had experienced my fair share of late nights, parties, bad relationships and credit card debt. When I finally opened that envelope four years later, I found a letter with pages and pages of his best advice. All things in moderation, he said. Dont stay out too late as nothing good happens after midnight. Have fun, but dont party too hard. Make sure your boyfriends respect you and your parents. Be careful not to live beyond your means, etc. Turns out, he knew way more than I gave him credit for. And now Im listening.(see photo at left) Julie Bedford, Delphi Glass Social Media Manager

Growing up as a child I always enjoyed spending time with my Dad. He was a woodworker and capable of building anything. I would sit in the pile of sawdust on the floor beside his table saw building roadways with toy cars and trucks. He passed on his creativity and patiently taught me how to paint, install tile, repair things, but more importantly he taught me not to be afraid of taking on a challenge. Work hard and give it your best shot. If it fails, figure out why and try it again. He was self-taught as many men of his generation were, and his knowledge seemed endless. He has since passed on but I have many fond memories of him beside me, gently giving guidance and telling me what a good job I was doing. I hear that voice daily and it brings a smile to my face. Julie Haan, Delphi Glass Expert and Artist

My father-in-law works with wood making the most beautiful works of art! Jewelry, vases, bowls and furniture go from simple pieces of wood to incredible pieces, many of which I have been given as gifts and which I proudly display in my home.... He knows he will never make enough money to make up for the time he puts into each piece, but what is really important is that each one is perfect. He has inspired me to always put my heart into each piece I make no matter how long it takes and he always encourages me to take pride in my work. Patricia Lenckus, Delphi Facebook Fan

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