A Beginner's Trip to Lansing: I'm a Fake

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I admit it. Im a fake. When Delphi hired me to be the Social Media/PR Specialist, I was looking for a reprieve from my graphic design job at a small local magazine. I longed for a more creative outlet. A place where I could learn new things, write about them and interact with others. Delphi was a perfect fit. Only problem was I didnt know a thing about art glass.

Id witnessed my mother, a botanical illustrator and painter, create a few large-scale stained glass patterns for her friend (a real stained glass artist), and that was the extent of my experience with the craft.

I knew nothing of fusing or sandblasting or lampworking. My experience with mosaics extended no further than my fifth-grade Tessellation project. I felt worthless. I started researching online, talking to Delphi experts and interacting with artists on Facebook and Twitter. I was learning a lot, but I still felt like a phony among glass geniuses. What I needed was complete immersion. That finally came in the form of a trip to the Delphi Creativity Center in Lansing. And herein begins my journey. Stay tuned for Part II...

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Julie Bedford

Julie Bedford

Julie graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Communications. She worked as a marketing director and graphic designer before coming to work for Delphi as social media manager. Her mother is an artist and inspired Julie's love for art and creativity at a young age. Her hobbies include writing, crafting and social networking.