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The office was all abuzz when Marketing Director Monika Smolarczyk told us she was going to the Personal Glass Experience at the Morean Arts Center. She could tell we were jealous.

Our corporate offices in Tampa, FL are just a short drive from the art center's location in St. Petersburg. Dating back to 1917, the former Art Club of St. Petersburg, has become a world-renowned center for glass art.

The Personal Glass Experience is a one-on-one demonstration on glass blowing that takes place in the center's Hot Shop. For a nominal fee, a seasoned glass blower guides each participant through every step of the hot glass process until his or her glass sculpture or ornament is complete.

First, the glass blower collected the glass from the furnace onto a large (and heavy) metal rod. At this point the glass is about 2,300F!

Next, Monika rolled the glass onto a steel table, called a marver, to give the glass its cylindrical shape. She then reheated the glass in the furnace. The glass blower collected more glass, shaped and reheated. This process was repeated until the desired thickness was achieved. Finally, the project was returned to the furnace, heated and inserted into a mold for shape. It was rolled once more onto the steel table for final shaping. Monika gently scored the neck of the glass with the jacks (these look like a giant pair of scissors) and the glass blower assisted in removing the paperweight from the rod. The paperweight was then quickly shoved into the annealer for slow cooling.Monika picked it up the following day. A friend of hers also made the sculpture pictured at bottom.

A beautiful reminder of the unlimited possibilites of glass!

The Personal Glass Experience at the Glass Studio Hot Shop at the Morean Arts Center is located in St. Petersburg, Florida. Reservations required. Cost: $50 per person, limited to one person per half hour experience.

Please call 727.822.7872 for more information and to register.

Children must be at least 11 years old and accompanied by their legal guardian if younger than 18.

The mission of the
Morean Arts Center is to connect people with art through innovative, community-oriented art and art education and to contribute to the economic development of the region.

Want to try glass blowing at home?

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Timothy M.  •  April 16, 2011
I am wanting (2) glass orb hanging lamp shades in a blue waterglass, I just need the orb shape shades and the rest I can do on my own (please let me know if you can help on this?). I have no idea of what color yet and I am trying to create my own blog for the help that I would like to try and get for this project that I can NOT get out of my head sense I found this site with a couple of others that I will be using to try and get this big project out of my head and on my wall! alex


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