Mosaics in the Park with Boy Scout Den 41

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To celebrate the end of the year for Boy Scout Den 41 in Tampa, Florida, the kids had a Mosaic in the Park party. Using stained glass chips nipped into triangles, each boy made a mosaic picture frame for his mom for Mother's Day. The boys wrote personal messages to their mothers on the back of the frames. Their troop leader grouted the frames, and each child had a hand-made mosaic project for Mother's Day. The kids loved making them, and the moms loved the frames.

This is a very easy project. It requires no glass cutting by the kids, and no previous mosaic experience.

Time saving tips:

1. Draw a border around the edges of the frame and instruct the children not to go past the line - this allows room for grouting the edge.

2. Nip chips into triangles, and nip 1/2 of those triangles into smaller triangles. First the children make designs with the larger triangles, then they fill in any extra space with the smaller triangles.

3. Squeeze a white craft glue all over the frame (instead of adding glue to each individual piece). Go back with more glue once the children have made their original designs, to show them where to fill in with extra pieces.

4. Flat projects are easier for kids, but round projects like flower pots can be done. Just be sure to use the right glue. Use a silicone adhesive - it holds pieces up better. White glue will allow pieces to slide to the bottom.

5. Allow glue to dry for 24 hours. For younger children grout projects for the kids. For older children, they can grout it themselves in a second session.

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Valerie C.  •  May 19, 2012
Delightful story and lovely project! Love the idea of nipping tiles into triangles... Great idea for fused glass project, too! My only criticism: How about a photo or two of the boys' finished frames?! I want to see what these babies look like! Great job!


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