New G2 Bottle Cutter: A More Versatile Bottle Cutter

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Looking to expand the scope of your bottle cutting projects? Listen up.

Diamond Tech International has just created a new bottle cutter, the Generation Green (G2) bottle cutter. Its clever design allows users to cut anywhere along the bottles curved body and to cut rings of various sizes.

The tool is adapted to cut almost any size glass container including wide-mouth jar and oversize wine bottles, a feature customers have been specifically asking for. And its lightweight frame allows users to cut bottles in a few quick steps. Sturdy construction and a 6-wheeled turret cutting head helps ensure long product life.

The G2 can be used for creating a variety of projects, ranging from hanging pots and votive holders to glass jewelry. It earns Delphis title of Earth Friendly because it allows artists to repurpose used bottles into components for glass art. In addition, it is constructed entirely from recycled materials.

julie h.  •  February 16, 2011
The G2 cutter head comes with 6 cutting wheels. So this will give you a lot of cutting. The manufacutrer is in the process of releasing a replacement head for the G2.
jay r.  •  February 12, 2011
are you going to carry replacement cutter heads for the g2 cutter i am totatly happy with this cutter but i do cut a lot of bottles and am worried i might have to buy a nother whole set up
patricia h.  •  December 31, 2010
I would like to know if you can fuse the bottle slices after cutting. The rings in the picture look like they were fired, as they are round like life savers.
Julie Bedford

Julie Bedford

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