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With Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day coming up (May 21st and May 30th, respectively), Delphi Glass has those who have served our great country on our mind. Everyone knows someone who has served, whether it’s a grandparent, parent, sibling, spouse or friend. Being part of the armed forces takes a lot of dedication and leaves an indelible mark on those that serve forever.
Our veterans have learned powerful lessons in their lives that have shaped the way they are, but they also have to cope with the negative aspects of their experiences. Some of these brave men and women have seen things more horrible than we could ever fathom. Our veterans looked after us and kept our country safe. Now it’s time for us to return the favor and look after them.
If you’re looking for ways to support our great veterans, first and foremost, thank a veteran for their hard work when you pass them in the aisle at the supermarket or are waiting on line at the post office or bank. Secondly, try to find ways to give back and honor these courageous patriots.

At Delphi Glass, we contribute to Operation Family Fund (OFF) an organization that was started by relationship expert Dr. Laura Schlessinger (yes, TV’s beloved Dr. Laura!) who enjoys making glass art in her spare time. She turned her hobby of creating art glass projects into a way to raise money for OFF to benefit veterans. We proudly donate glass to Dr. Laura for use in creating her works of art.
You can also donate to OFF or you can contact your local veteran affairs office to see what you can do to help the veterans in your community. Sometimes it’s as simple as stopping by to help out with chores or serve food at a community center for your local veterans. You’ll not only get a chance to help the people who stood for our country but you’ll be enriched by the incredible things they will tell you about their lives.
Another great way you can support our veterans is to make your own military stained glass projects, mosaic patterns and fused glass projects to honor them. You can make a stained glass American flag, an American eagle mosaic and so much more. We’ve got a great selection of patriotic art glass supplies that will help you create something spectacular. Plus, we have lots of free patriotic art guides that can help fuel your inspiration. You can give it to a veteran you know as a way to say thank you, or you can donate it to your area’s veteran club so all the veterans in your community can see the beauty of your appreciation. See some of the inspirational patriotic art glass projects others have done on our Pinterest page too.
Are you making a new art glass project to honor our country’s great veterans? If so, be sure to post it in our gallery and tag it with “veterans.”
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Jenn Raskin

Jenn Raskin

Jennifer Raskin is an internationally published writer with a not-so-secret craft obsession. She joined the Delphi team to combine two of her favorite things - writing and creating art. In her spare time, she loves to play with her kids, cook, write and have craft parties with her friends.